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What cleaning methods do you use to clean my carpets?

Texas Steam Team uses a high powered truck-mounted machine that cleans your carpet to the specification of the manufacturer. Our Steam cleaning system has been proved to not only clean, but protect the resilience of the carpet fibers. This technique cleans deep into the carpet fibers lifting heavy soiled stains, dirt and odors.

How hot does the water help with your carpet cleaning method?

The temperature of the water reaches up to 230 degrees, producing pure steam. The steam instantly destroys any germs or bacteria that may reside in your carpet fibers.

How do you clean my air ducts?

We fog the entire air duct system with an environmentally-friendly disinfectant and odor controller that destroys bacteria and unhealthy germs.

How often should I clean my air ducts?

You should clean your air ducts once every two years or sooner depending if you have pets, smokers, and health conditions. Individuals who suffer from lung or chronic conditions may want to consider air duct cleaning more often.

What techniques are used to clean upholstery?

We start by applying a special formulated detergent that is designed for which ever fabric you may have. We use a powerful truck-mounted system which releases steam to gently rinse, clean and extract the surface of the upholstery.